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Monday, March 14, 2011


dear my momot


 i love u very much sayang
i love u every single seconds and minutes
thank for being my lovely boyfriend and always be my side
even the distance between us is so so so far but i always
 put your name deep inside in my heart.
when i miss you ,i just hold the necklace that you gave to me
and i told my self that one fine day,
we will meet up then we will make a lot of memories.

i hate the distance between us because its so hard to me.
i repeat my words, IT's SO HARD T___T
nevermind,i just pray to god that we will together later then
we can meet each other everyday.
i love you sayang , i love you more than you love me.
i promise that i will care with this relationship.
happy 6 month anniversary sayang
we have done a good job because we make a strong 6month relationship.
so far i think the bonding between us become more incredible !!
well done ijan and jian

sayang , jangan pernah berubah yee <3

with love : Jannatulmizan Banon
for my love : Mohd NorZihan Ramli

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