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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FILM PROMOTION ~ sadisnya perasaan .

Look , my classmates and i have to handle the Film Promotion to promote
2 movies that are Penunggu Istana and Ratu The Movies .
This Film Promotion is under the subject Theatre And Film Marketing And Publicity.
Without any excuses , we need to handle this project.
Ouh Ouh , the situation is getting worst when i have been choosen as a crew of 
Sales and Marketing Department
which is very tough to me because i doesn't have any experiences in this field yet. 
I have to work with Dinni , Syifa and Armand in this deparment .

From day to day , a lot of work we need to settle before the dateline . 
They pushed me , they pushed my crewmates , they pushed other crews department .
Plus, the assigments was given by the mak tiri and the pak tiri are so so so and so many .
i can't manage the time to handle of two this ,
its totally make me look them so freaking annoyying  when i have been forced by the "big-bos-wannabe"
yesterday , im felt so frusted when my works has been rejected by the "big-bos-wannabe"
okey , im not good at all .
but im begging you , plis plis and plis dont force me to do any works if in the middle of the progress you just cut my works then you done it by yourself without tell me first . 
menangis wei aku . kau nak dapat nama keee !

p/s : aku pon xberminat nak tengok cerita ni gimana aku nak promote dong ! grrrrrr .

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